Memories Cherished from 2017

Conference Theme

Treating the Roots and Branches of Disease



Dr. Jonathan Forester graduation from The Medical College of Georgia in 1978 and was filled with the Holy Spirit while in medical school.

Since 1991, Dr. Forester has devoted his time helping those who suffer from chronic fatigue, and has served as a Lyme disease doctor for 14 years, treating people from 37 states and 16 countries.

He also has taught physicians at Southeastern Seminary, done research with Cure for Cancer Projects, and consulted for 16 pharmaceutical companies since 1985.

He is the author of Conquering Chronic Fatigue: Answers to America’s Most Misunderstood Epidemic” and resides with his wife Cheryl in Pineville, Louisiana.  

To learn more about his work, visit his website at





Bishop Ruth Urban is the Anglican Bishop of the newly forming diocese. She has also served as an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church, serv- ing as rector and associate rector to many Epis- copal churches. Deeply involved in the Christian healing ministry for over 35 years, Ruth has been a regional director for both Regions II and III for the Order of St. Luke and is a spiritual di- rector/mentor to many. Besides ministering in healing, she also ministers in the apostolic and the prophetic. Ruth and her husband, John, serve on the board of The Healing Center.

Workshop Summary: Shame, Fear, & Control

Shame, Fear, and Control have many roots and tentacles.  They form a negative three-fold stronghold or cord that is difficult to break.  “Shame, as differentiated from guilt, is that awful sense of being uniquely and hopelessly flawed.  Like rejection, it is a common malady for many of us as we have accepted the lie that ‘this is who I am’, that our core of personhood is one of Shame.  This is a false belief about our identity.” (From Rev. Chester Kylstra, “Restoring the Foundations”) 

To break the three-fold cord apart, Shame needs to be identified first, as people who are controllers will not accept it.  A person is shamed, and then they are fearful and want to cover it up so that no one will discover the shame.  Then the cover-up has to be controlled.  This three-fold cord is as old as the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve sinned, were afraid, covered it up, etc. The purpose is to find our true identity in Christ by identifying, disassembling, and demolishing this stronghold.  

In this workshop, you will learn about the three-fold stronghold; how to separate them into 3 separate strongholds; how to recognize their roots and tentacles; and, how to be healed from them.  You may not think it applies to you, but upon delving deeper into the subject you most likely will find areas needing prayer.  Jesus will set us all free!




We are so pleased to have Kenny Davis leading us in song and into more of the Spirit through praise and worship. The freedom of the Spirit that comes from Kenny’s leadership has been overwhelmingly powerful to witness, and we are   excited to have him back at The Healing Center in 2015! Founder of Kenny Davis Ministries (KDM), Kenny lives with his wife Kim at Yeshua’s Vineyard in Nashville, NC, a retreat center where troubled souls can find rest and healing.

Visit to learn more about Kenny on his website.