Monte Bromiley

"Keys to the Kingdom - healing from the Inside Out"

Monte Bromiley heads up a powerful ministry of inner healing called Beth Shalom. Every day she sees the power of Jesus at work in people in need. Lives are turned around. Addictions are finally broken. Damaged marriages are restored. Diseases are removed. 

Over many years of seeking God's solutions for hard personal problems in the people that the Lord put in front of her, God led her to deep insights into His Word and gave her tools for setting those people free. The stories of transformation through Jesus are amazing!

Monte now travels across the country and around the world, sharing her insights and experience and equipping the saints to rise up and do great works in His name.

Rev. Hugh Bromiley

"Keys to the Kingdom - healing from the Inside Out"

Rev. Hugh Bromiley has been in the healing ministry for 26 years.  He presently serves as the North American Director for the International Order of St. Luke, a Christian Healing Ministry.  

Hugh is from Oxford, England and was ordained in the Church of England by Archbishop George Carey.

His book “In Search of a Miracle” is popular among people exploring the healing ministry of our Lord.

Hugh works alongside Monte in the private practice of the Beth Shalom ministry, where he too sees miraculous transformations daily.  He and Monte partner together, teaching and equipping people how to set people free.



We are so pleased to have Kenny Davis leading us in song and into more of the Spirit through praise and worship. The freedom of the Spirit that comes from Kenny’s leadership has been overwhelmingly powerful to witness, and we are   excited to have him back at The Healing Center in 2015! Founder of Kenny Davis Ministries (KDM), Kenny lives with his wife Kim at Yeshua’s Vineyard in Nashville, NC, a retreat center where troubled souls can find rest and healing.

Visit to learn more about Kenny on his website.