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William Standish Reed, M.D., M.S. (surgery)

Surgeon, Lecturer, and President of Christian Medical Foundation International, Inc.

Founder of The Healing Center, Orkney Springs, VA

Listen to Dr. William Standish Reed's final speech at The Healing Center.

May 25th, 1922 - December 28th, 2010

May 25th, 1922 - December 28th, 2010

Dr. Bill Reed, a graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School, and a surgeon trained at the University of Michigan, for many years was in private practice of general surgery in Tampa, Florida.

He was the Founder, and for fifty (50) years was the president of Christian Medical Foundation, and the originator of a new school of medical thought and practice –  “Logopsychosomatic Medicine.” 

He authored A Doctor’s Thoughts on Healing, Surgery of the Soul – Healing the Whole Person:  Spirit, Mind and Body, and Poetic Thoughts of Life and Hope: Poems written by Dr. Bill. 

Dr. Bill was also a former columnist for Christian Life Magazine and a writer of numerous articles and editorials in medical journals, as well as spiritual publications.  He was a well-known lecturer, not only in the United States and Canada, but also in Scotland, England, Holland, Switzerland, Poland, and Central America.  He was also a beloved speaker in the Order of Saint Luke and Camps Furthest Out as well as The Healing Center, Orkney Springs, VA, a place he dearly loved.

His medical practice was primarily directed toward the patients who were considered “medically hopeless.”  He was awarded the President’s Heritage Award from Christian Medical & Dental Association.  The Heritage Award was given to Doctor Reed for his dedication to God through years of service and devotion to medical professionals and to patients in the United States, Canada and Ethiopia.  His message of love enfolded in his medical disciplines continues to have a redemptive global outreach.

Dr. Reed's wife, Coppi, who resides now in Tampa, Florida, spoke these words at Regent Universities dedication ceremony in honor of Dr. Reed:

“Standish and I had been contacted by the Dean of the Regent University School of Divinity in Virginia Beach who had an interest in Standish’s role in the Charismatic Renewal as well as the founding of the Christian Medical Foundation.  

We sent Regent University Standish's past recordings and other materials for their library.  CBN is bringing together tapes, books and more of many of the early trailblazers of the Charismatic Renewal and will have a section in their library for students & others to have full access to the powerful materials that started this powerful movement of God."

“I am praying to our Lord Jesus for his direction, wisdom and guidance as I know the world needs to hear Standish's message, a message of hope and love.  The messenger might be taken from us, but his message will live on...”

In October of 2013, Regent University held a dedication ceremony in honor of Dr. William Standish Reed & Rev. Dennis Bennett

For the video above, Sheldon Lyday added music to one of Dr. Reed's poems and created the song The Healing Prayer.