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My name is Stephen Stonestreet, and I'm a 25 year old artist and entrepreneur from West Virginia, now living in Charlottesville, VA after a year stint in Nashville, TN. I'm so extremely grateful for the great love shown through my parents, Greg & Anita Stonestreet, who gave me the opportunity to come to The Healing Center for the past 20+ years. 

While growing up going to this conference with my siblings and family - rolling around in rollerblades, riding my bike on the decks (with the owners of Shrine Mont yelling at me every time they caught me - sorry haha), to playing games my siblings and I made up. Of course it was a blast. 

Now, I enjoy the gentle breeze of the southern Virginian air, the view of the Appalachian mountains, and the trails that allow me to explore, and the people: such beautiful, kindhearted, and gentle loving people, my elders and my friends. I could not be more grateful.

The sense of community, the humility given through the passing on of spiritual heritage and generational blessing, and the blessing of a second-family have been core to my experience at The Healing Center. 

When I was young, I was filled with the Holy Spirit at The Healing Center, and I was also commissioned at age 12 by my father, Dr. Greg Stonestreet, into missions, both local and abroad. I've also personally experienced healing at The Healing Center physically, emotionally and spiritually, and there's no denying it. 

I'm so very grateful for the many mentors, leaders and friends I have met and been in communion with for most of my life through this place. I want to personal thank Clay McLean (my greatest mentor), Mother Ruth and Father John Urban (my second parents), Dr. Bill Reed (my God father), Kenny Davis (My partner in much laughter), John and Jane Harler, and all the others who have been such tremendous blessings to my life and the lives of my family members. 

I end this testimony in tears and great joy. Thank you all for your love, compassion, care, and tender hearts that have shown me what it means to be a godly man and a strong member of the true Christian community. 

May God continue to bless each and every one of you with his great power and love. 

- Stephen Stonestreet

“During my prayer group, Anna Marie & Jack Sheffield prayed that the dagger would be removed from my heart, so that the wound could begin to heal. I realized that I had been holding on to this "hurt," and that the wound could not begin to heal until the sharp instrument was removed – as in surgery! Later, at the Experiential Workshop, Anna Marie suggested that we try hard to go further into whatever disturbing feelings we might be having. She then asked God to show us the source of these feelings. Immediately I was transported back to the night when I was 13 and my Dad came into my room, saying that he had read my diary. I experienced so much fear and panic that night that I still cannot remember what happened ... I can only remember screaming. Anna Marie then asked Jesus to come into the scene and be in that room, with me. Suddenly I saw Dad in a yellow spotlight, but growing smaller and more distant.... Jesus made it very clear to me that Dad’s feelings were a result of his having put women on a such a high pedestal that they weren't even allowed to have any curiosity about growing up and the perfectly normal feelings that we all experience during puberty. I could see that Dad was expressing his own fear and revulsion at the idea that I wasn't a little girl any more. I had felt that night, so many years ago, that I had permanently lost his love and that I was totally unacceptable, ugly and unwanted. In contrast, Jesus told me the truth: I was beautiful in His eyes, completely acceptable and loved by Him, and that my earthly father was frail and human. He had been influenced by forces (such as the Masonic Order) that had distorted his view of womanhood from what Jesus sees.... I then realized that my Dad's view of me as a "bad girl" became part of my identity during my teen years - I was not obedient to my parents and I know I missed a blessing because of that. (As they say, "Oh, to be able to go back and know what I know now!")

When I opened my eyes from that "waking vision," I suddenly realized that there were heavy iron shackles around my neck, arms, & body, held together by chains! The "exercise" was supposed to be finished, but there was more! Jesus gently touched the metal around my neck and it fell away, dissipating into the air: I was free! All of the tension that was connected with trying so hard to please everyone was released and I felt SO relaxed and wonderful!!! Finally, I felt that I was really "Okay"!!

Ever since that day, I have felt that Jesus truly loved me, and that I was worthy of love not because of what I accomplished but: "Just as I Am." Thank you, Lord, and thank you, leaders and participants in this amazing Healing Conference! I was richly blessed!!!

- Anonymous

Just as one girl was weeping quietly because she had never seen or talked with her birth mother, a lady, not knowing why, put her arm around her, held her, and said, "Would you like me to be your mother for a little while?"

In several small group sessions led by Rev. Brad Long on the gifts of the Spirit, individuals began to receive words or visions of knowledge for others in their small group without anyone mentioning their needs.  For example, one woman saw a vision of a heart (like valentines), and another wept, because her husband was recovering from open-heart surgery.  In another group, someone saw a picture of gifts, and a woman wept violently as she confessed her uncle had given her gifts as a child as he was unkind to her.  In both cases, the small groups were able to minister Christ's love and healing.

One woman was able to experience for the first time the ability to TRUST others as her group allowed her to free fall backwards into their arms of love!  She later wrote to the Board about this experience of healing in her life.

At breakfast one Wednesday morning, one radiant lady who had come utterly exhausted, even concerned about being able to drive to the center, said, "It's been so long since I woke up feeling good!"  She had reduced her medication for panic attacks each night, and planned to ask her doctor if she could do without it.

A lady said at the Wednesday's sharing that she had been healed of fibromyalgia.

Another lady had been healed of a ruptured disc in her back at a CFO camp, and came "armed" with her pre and post healing MRI scans to give God the glory!