A place for healing and renewal of the whole person, spiritsoul, and body, in the name of Jesus Christ.


About the Healing Center

Our mission: To assist and equip those called to a healing ministry in their own communities (physicians, nurses, pastors, Christian educators, laypeople and all others), helping them form healing teams in their local churches and communities, thereby alleviating all kinds of suffering, the winning of souls to Christ, and the healing of the nations.  

Join us at the 2019 Fall Conference

The 2018 conference proved to be a powerful and uplifting time filled with physical and inner-healing and communion with God and our brothers and sisters. Now, we prepare for 2019 and all God has for those who will be joining in next years conference. Learn more & join us next September and experience God's healing in new and powerful ways.

Multi-Generational Testimonies

Through our annual conferences, our hope is to ignite a passion and love for Christ and his gospel through multi-generational worship, sharing, teaching and spiritual experience. Our desire is to pass on our spiritual heritage to the next generation, ushering forth a new revival in individual hearts, impacting culture and the nations for Christ.

Save the Date September 22-25, 2019